The Power of Modern Energy Tapping for (international) students

Start 2023 with an Energy BOOST!
Are you (international) student in Delft (NL), BOOST your ENERGY, your focus and concentration! Studying calm and full flowing energy leads to success and feeling good! Discover the power of Modern Energy Tapping and how to use it so you can keep your balance and resilience even when there is so much going on.

Modern Energy Tapping is a method, a technique you can use to solve a variety of problems that hinder you from feeling good and perform the best you can. Tapping let’s your energy flow, by gently Tapping Energy Points on your head, collarbone, and hands, breathing in and out.
Students are facing challenges. Invest in your success, which is best achieved when you feel as good as possible despite the challenges.
Modern Energy Tapping is a wonderful technique everyone can learn for daily use when feeling upset, miss focus and concentration. It calms you down, so you feel better inside. Then you are able to see what to do, which steps to take to keep your energy on track and how to go on again.

After learning tapping for daily use in this workshop you can help yourself processing tension and stress and calm down and find what makes your energy flow.

The cure for stress is not feeling nothing, it is raising your energy and be the best you can.
Find the power of Modern Energy Tapping!
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