PURE DANCE l Conscious Dance

Pure dance is a conscious movement technique, it is meditation in movement. No choreography, no dance figures, no steps. You follow your own body impulses and this will open the gate to the Dance, which is already present in your body. When you move the body, your thoughts will disappear, your emotional body will be alive and your patterns and obstacles become visible. With the dance you can keep it in movement, so it can dissolve. Through dance you meet your true self, find your own movement, your own flow, your own rhythm, beat, ecstasy and stillness. Your softness, your wildness…you will learn how to give, how to receive, open the possibility for contact with others. You will work with your body and your inner-self, making a connection to your soul and heart. Dance reflects everything that lives in us, everything in our lives. Delft Sessions are guide by Eva Bergerová. She teaches in English and can speak a little Dutch.

Open mind
Pure heart
Free body

Deze avonden zijn vrij toegankelijk en voor iedereen geschikt.

Losse prijs* € 16,50 per avond
5x strippenkaart: € 77,50 (15,50 per avond)
10x strippenkaart:: € 145,00 (14,50 per avond)
Hele serie**: aantal avonden x € 13,00 (169,00 dit seizoen)

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Tickets € 13 (vanaf)
Meer informatie https://www.terranova-dans.nl/PUREDANCE-DELFT.html
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